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Each submission to D&B has a reporting date or as-of date. His key interests include art and culture, social entrepreneurship, education, the environment and human rights. He is fluent in French and Russian, and is a widely published author.

That’s just another way of saying that building trade references takes time. If someone is going to allow you to list them as a trade reference, they want to know you’re credible and that your business is reliable. Gatting 30 day or 60 day net terms from a supplier is much easier than using a business loan to help your cash flow. Some vendors are willing to accept trade reference letters or will do a verbal verification with your existing suppliers if your business credit scores aren’t strong. Again, this is why they may ask for the names of trade credit references on a credit application.

Building a relationship means working with suppliers and vendors on a consistent basis, not just once or twice. Just like any good personal relationship, the two of you build trust. As you can imagine, building such relationships takes time.

In addition, some of the companies you pay on terms will report payments to business credit reporting agencies. Note that trade references are unlikely to be checked when applying for business credit cards. Instead, credit card applications are usually evaluated based on the owner’s personal credit scores. In addition, it’s not common these days for banks to request trade references when extending credit, though you should be prepared to provide these references whenever you apply for financing. Trade references are unlikely to be checked when applying for business credit cards.

Lenders and suppliers generally ask – either by phone or in writing – how long an account has been open, the credit or purchasing limit, and how many times the account has been paid late. Creditors value customers with longstanding payment histories, and they often reserve their best deals for those with exemplary trade references and credit profiles. Unlike consumer credit, corporate credit bureaus give you the option of adding payment history to your file using one of their paid services. While onboarding a new customer, credit references act as recommendations to justify whether the customer should be granted credit or not.

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